Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Homeward Bound

I have been reading a book titled "Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith" by Rob Bell. The book was written to challenge the faith of a Christian. I am enjoying the book, not because I agree with everything written, but because I disagree with some things and can see the Lord doing a beautiful work in my life. One passage, that I fell in love with was, "Being a Christian is not cutting yourself off from real life; it is entering into it more fully."

What a powerful and beautiful passage. I have struggled with this. Asking myself many times, "How do you live in this world, but not of it? Who should you surround yourself with, the found or the lost? How do you balance out this part of life?"

It seems that with all of these questions the Lord has guided me to the place where He wants me and I am so thankful I am here.

Dewight, the man I met in San Antonio, talked to me about living amongst the lost, and how so easily we Followers seem to be better than everyone else. Rather, I need to learn to love, to love like Christ. To weep for those who are Lost, to reach out and care for them like Christ would.

This past month has been an amazing time for Christ to reveal to me areas in my life that need a direct change. Thankfully, He is doing the changing, not me.

I ask any of you who read this post to pray for me. As my Senior year begins I am questioning what is next in my life. I am tired of wasting it, chasing the American dream. Thankfully, I have a Father that will not let me settle.

I say all of this to not only remind myself, but to also remind you. To remind you that your Father is searching for your heart. Are you looking for Him?

Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Home away from Home

What a beautiful Sunday morning here in Indianapolis. How it feels so good to be back in the cooler yet more comfortable weather. I really enjoyed my time in San Antonio. The men I traveled with were true gentlemen as they provided and wanted me to experience the city. I am truly grateful for their kindness.

So basically I was there on a business trip for a huge choral music convention. So during the day I would stand in a booth and assist people as they looked through our music and purchased. It was the weirdest and most awkward thing however. Being at the convention, I have never been checked out or looked up and down more in my life, BY MEN! I had this desire to wear a billboard that stated, "Not interested in Men." Then on the trip home, again I was seated to a few men who seemed very interested in the same sex. And finally, at church this morning, again men who seemed interested in the same sex sat next to me. I was so confused. The whole time, trying to figure out what my Father was telling me. In the end, I believe He was telling me that they need to be loved too. I work with men who are not interested in women, and since the beginning I have been made fun of or joked to about what they make me do. Of course, it goes in one ear and out the other. I believe my Father has laid upon my heart to reach out to them, love them like any brother would do, so that He may have an opportunity to show His love and mercy. However, right now, I would not mind to sit next to a girl, haha, one girl in particular...

Also, again, on Friday night as I was at dinner, I received a phone call, to which I was caught dead in my tracks, however, because my phone could not keep a charge I could not carry on the conversation and became very nervous. That phone call changed the rest of my weekend. I lay awake worrying and then realizing I was worrying and asking for strength. Wanting, so easily to turn to someone who I know would care for me, but knowing that would only bring me back to the beginning. I trusted myself in Him then. The consequences have not been revealed, but I am thankful that the Lord provided me the strength, that He reached out and filled that humanly spot of love.

This summer is not over yet, but like every other summer, it has surprised me in every way. Sure, I have been brought to my knees more than usual, but there have also been the highs and I thank Him for all of them, the good and bad.

Where next Lord, I am seeking and you are guiding. Lead me!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Below is the link to a song that has captured what I see when I walk with Christ. I am in awe of how this song so beautifully portrays my awe of Him.

I hope you too, whomever God has led to listen to it, may also be filled as I am.


Music the Beautiful

Today was a day filled with work. We worked the convention from 10am to 6pm. Basically what I do is watch people pruze into our both and look at our music or pruze on by in search for something so much different. It is amazing to me that so many people would gather at one place for a Orchestra convention. The day itself is pretty slow. It is hard being a marketing major because I have absolutly no idea what any of the music is about.

Standing in the booth next to me however, is the great James Mulholland, a national known composer. It is insane to seem the amount of people that just want to shake his hand. He seems to be worshiped as his music is so beyond that of many compoers and all those who listen to it.

Later this afternoon then the convention had a choir sing pieces of music, basically showing off their choir and the pieces of music. Of course, on of Mulholland's pieces was chosen, "Farewell to Thee." It was amazing to sit next a man that wrote a piece of music. Every word, every note, every beat, absolutely everything I was hearing. I was enraptured by the choir. Every member of the choir was so vastly different. From their appearences, to their movement, to their voices. But yet, in the midst of all those different people the choir was capable of using all of their differences to create a sound so harmonious that I began to get the chills. I became so moved with how beautiful we humans could make sound. Oh how God put so much thought and creativity when creating us.

I am amazed at the splendor of our Father. That even like the choir, all our differences can be brought together to create a beautiful worship for Him. How I hope that I can now begin to see that the differences in each of us is a beautiful thing when we are worshiping together, rather than apart.

How great and awesome are you Father! Please continue to give me strength as I am weak.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

San Antonio: The City of Love

To all who may not know, I am not in San Antonio, Texas on a business trip.

What a beautifully majestic city. The structures here are nothing like those in the Midwest. They all have character and beauty to them, rather than the constant cold steel look. Furthermore, the river, that runs throught the city has given this dry hot city vibrant life.

The city and the buildings themselves were created and constructed to envelop the river. All along the river are these beautiful stone and brick walkways with hotels of beauty like non other. Furthermore, restaurants line the banks as you are capable of eating right along the river. Couples seem to flock here as I sat and read my book yesterday. Everywhere you looked couples were holding hands and hugging as they were enveloped by the love that filled the air. Those visiting who do not have a significant other feel much out of place and missing a significant other. How this city has made me so excited for the day when I am married, and Lord willing I can travel here and share these amazing sights with my wife, but for now, I will just scout them out.

First, on the flight down here, I was seated next to a man who went to Warsaw High School way, way back in the day and just got back from a reaunion. We spend the whole flight conversing about what Warsaw was like back in the day and where the Lord has taken him in his lifetime.

Then, this morning, in search for the today show, who is live on the river, I ran into a man by the name of Dweight. Dweight works by cleaning up the sidewalks along the river,however is unlike any other man I have ever met. He is a man that is filled completly with the Spirit and dwells in worshiping Christ with others. I spent roughly an hour just listening to this man spill out what his Love and knowledge of Christ. I was astounded of how greatly the Spirit has filled that man. He gave me such great advice that I will have to share about later.

Right now, it has amazed how the Spirit has brought such random people into my life and allowed me opportunities to speak of His name. I just ask and pray that I continue to let Him do the work and not myself.

Overall, I am loving San Antonio and am excited for another night to adventurer. Who knows who I may run into again.

I am called to Love, not to judge, not to stand over, but to love. May you teach me that Christ.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beginning for the End

Well today it starts. I am heading to San Antonio for work. As well, today marks the day of thoughtful and deep consistent prayer for the direction in my life.

So for anyone reading this post, please lift me up in your prayers. That I may succumb to my Father's voice and willingly seek Him.

Give me strength Father, as I am week. In Your hands do I give my life.

Every time I listen to the song, "Have you ever?" by Shawn McDonald I will think of you.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Stop & Stare

Today, during lunch, I had another awesome opportunity to sit on the circle downtown and people watch. I do not like to people watch the whole time, as I know it can soon turn into judging rather than watching. Today more the less, was a day filled with starring, starring at improper places that is. Have you ever just sat and watched men go about their way when a good looking woman walks by, or a woman who shows a little more than asked? Well, ladies, let me tell you what happens. As I am sure most of you know, men think about sex almost all of the day, therefore, what do you think a man is thinking as he fixes his eyes on places he should not be looking. That is right, he is undressing you. Sure, you may say that he is simply admiring you but I disagree. If he wanted to admire you, why would he not say it to your face, rather than lust in secret. For to admire Christ is not to stare in secret, but rather to praise publicly (no I am not saying we should praise a woman for what she is not wearing, just a metaphor).

However, women, this is not all the man's fault. You are in control, whether you know it or like it. What you wear, how you dress and carry yourself will determine how often a man is tempted to sin. Mind you, even though a man is doing the lusting, you too are helping spur the sin and are therefore sinning yourself.

Romans 14:12,13 - "So then each of us shall give account of himself to God. Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather resolve this, not to put a stumbling block or a cause to fall in our brother’s way."

Next time then, brother/sister, I ask of you to think about who will stumble with what you wear or do not wear.