Thursday, July 30, 2009

Music the Beautiful

Today was a day filled with work. We worked the convention from 10am to 6pm. Basically what I do is watch people pruze into our both and look at our music or pruze on by in search for something so much different. It is amazing to me that so many people would gather at one place for a Orchestra convention. The day itself is pretty slow. It is hard being a marketing major because I have absolutly no idea what any of the music is about.

Standing in the booth next to me however, is the great James Mulholland, a national known composer. It is insane to seem the amount of people that just want to shake his hand. He seems to be worshiped as his music is so beyond that of many compoers and all those who listen to it.

Later this afternoon then the convention had a choir sing pieces of music, basically showing off their choir and the pieces of music. Of course, on of Mulholland's pieces was chosen, "Farewell to Thee." It was amazing to sit next a man that wrote a piece of music. Every word, every note, every beat, absolutely everything I was hearing. I was enraptured by the choir. Every member of the choir was so vastly different. From their appearences, to their movement, to their voices. But yet, in the midst of all those different people the choir was capable of using all of their differences to create a sound so harmonious that I began to get the chills. I became so moved with how beautiful we humans could make sound. Oh how God put so much thought and creativity when creating us.

I am amazed at the splendor of our Father. That even like the choir, all our differences can be brought together to create a beautiful worship for Him. How I hope that I can now begin to see that the differences in each of us is a beautiful thing when we are worshiping together, rather than apart.

How great and awesome are you Father! Please continue to give me strength as I am weak.

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