Sunday, July 26, 2009


Loneliness, is what has brought me to write this post. In short, my girlfriend and I, in a relationship for a little longer than 8 months, are no longer together. I am at a loss of words in how to explain what I felt I lost.

So now, this past week and weekend I have been all alone. She however, has been busy, beyond all get-out, with family and friends providing her more and more love. At first I was jealous, upset, angry that she would not call me, want to hangout or spend time with me. Angry that I was all alone had no friends no family to sit here and keep my mind off of her. However, after days of feeling "The Great Sadness" my Father finally broke my Spirit. So why, during such a difficult time do I feel alone?

Well, I finally realized that I had a history of running to anyone and everyone when I feel or felt lonely, but never running to my Father, who knew what it was like to be alone when he was forsaken on the Cross, to fulfill me. However, this time, my Father graciously removed all my friends and family so that the only person I could turn to was Him. Sure, I did not first see it and continued to put pressure on my now friend girl. To her, if she ever reads this, I am truly sorry. I am sorry for all the pain that I put you through, that I put us through, I hope that you can forgive me, not only now, but also in the future, as I know again I will fail.

So advice to those who are lonely. Do not run, do not hide, embrace and take the time to be lonely. Realize that loneliness is an opportunity for your Father to speak to you, and for you to Listen. Psalm 22, is an amazing passage of scripture that points to our Fathers never ending love and faithfulness. Do not turn to your friends, family, or significant other first. No, rather first, turn to Him, and spend those days relying on Him. For after a while you will find happiness in Him and then He will provide those who you should turn to for even more support.

For when God is in control why should we worry, give of your plans and pick up His.

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