Saturday, July 25, 2009

mtb - brown county

Alex, Johnny, and myself hit the mtb trail in Brown County today. Soaked and all, we were quick to got suited up and on the trail. The trail itself was slippery, wet, and dangerous. Being dangerous is however what keeps me coming back to the trail. Realizing that I usually live the safe and simple life. On the trail I feel this sense of danger, where trees who seem so innocent become death traps, as you fly by, carelessly.
To make this story make more sense, I am reading "The Shack" and am begining to feel that my Father is surrounding me in all areas. So as I was riding, I cam upon these beautiful white tailed deer on the side of the trail. Immediately, for some unknown reason, I said, "Hey, Father." Haha, realizing what I had said, I looked at those deer much differently than I have ever before. As I rode closer the deer scurried off and I again was left alone, cruising through His creation, realizing that my Father was saying hi and reminding me He is always watching and caring.

Thank you Father!

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