Wednesday, July 29, 2009

San Antonio: The City of Love

To all who may not know, I am not in San Antonio, Texas on a business trip.

What a beautifully majestic city. The structures here are nothing like those in the Midwest. They all have character and beauty to them, rather than the constant cold steel look. Furthermore, the river, that runs throught the city has given this dry hot city vibrant life.

The city and the buildings themselves were created and constructed to envelop the river. All along the river are these beautiful stone and brick walkways with hotels of beauty like non other. Furthermore, restaurants line the banks as you are capable of eating right along the river. Couples seem to flock here as I sat and read my book yesterday. Everywhere you looked couples were holding hands and hugging as they were enveloped by the love that filled the air. Those visiting who do not have a significant other feel much out of place and missing a significant other. How this city has made me so excited for the day when I am married, and Lord willing I can travel here and share these amazing sights with my wife, but for now, I will just scout them out.

First, on the flight down here, I was seated next to a man who went to Warsaw High School way, way back in the day and just got back from a reaunion. We spend the whole flight conversing about what Warsaw was like back in the day and where the Lord has taken him in his lifetime.

Then, this morning, in search for the today show, who is live on the river, I ran into a man by the name of Dweight. Dweight works by cleaning up the sidewalks along the river,however is unlike any other man I have ever met. He is a man that is filled completly with the Spirit and dwells in worshiping Christ with others. I spent roughly an hour just listening to this man spill out what his Love and knowledge of Christ. I was astounded of how greatly the Spirit has filled that man. He gave me such great advice that I will have to share about later.

Right now, it has amazed how the Spirit has brought such random people into my life and allowed me opportunities to speak of His name. I just ask and pray that I continue to let Him do the work and not myself.

Overall, I am loving San Antonio and am excited for another night to adventurer. Who knows who I may run into again.

I am called to Love, not to judge, not to stand over, but to love. May you teach me that Christ.

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